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03 January 2012 @ 05:07 pm
Senseless Love  

Senseless Love

Chara(s): LucifelxRei [The Book of Genocide]

Summary: I know the reason why....

AN: I give all credit to Sierra...she's become a good friend and a wonderful person to roleplay with. ^_^ She portrays the sexy and deadly Lucifer like no other. <3


                Blood red skies loomed over heaven and the earthen plane as the battle raged on for what seemed like forever as the morning star had fought off Genocide before sealing him away in a prison that the demon could not escape from as easily as he had last time. The tall arch turned immediately at the sound of Raphael trying to coax the holder of the morning star's heart into relaxing so he could heal her. Lucifel gazed at the three for a moment as he remembered that she had done something he hadn't expected by throwing herself in front of that blade in order to save Cassiel. He frowned as he moved over motioning Raphael out of the way as his arms secured her legs and her back as he lifted the blood covered female into his strong grasp, “You’re way to stubborn, my love." he smirked a bit as he leaned down capturing her lips in a short kiss.  The Morning star moved quickly to extend his midnight colored wings as he allowed them to brush downwards and lift him off the ground and towards the heavens where he had swore never to return until this day. He glanced towards the blonde female in his arms that was slowly drifting in and out of consciousness. She was the only reason he was returning to this place and the only reason he would stay regardless of what happened. He would take any punishment for her sake but he vowed in his heart that no one would ever lay a harmful hand on her again. His thoughts returned to that brief moment in which he had almost lost her as he returned to his former household to help her rest up and to rest up himself.


                Cassiel lead the way into the sky past the darkened clouds and the smell of perpetual death, angels and demons fought against each other as they passed but their mission was one of greater importance. Thanatos turned his head as Cassiel and Reina became visible and chuckled darkly, they had come to interfere again? Too bad, he would teach them not to meddle in his affairs, too bad they were going to be better off dead. Rei narrowed her gaze towards Thanatos as she approached flanking Cassiel easily. She wouldn't give up she knew Lucifel was still within saving reach...she glanced towards Cassiel,"He's spotted us...But it's no matter." she frowned as she would follow the older angels lead into the battle. Thanatos smirked and in a flash had appeared before Cassiel the younger angels eyes widened having not expected the others appearance so suddenly. "Ashes to Ashes dust to dust.” He cackled rearing his pike back to kill the smaller, insignificant male. Cassiel froze he was unable to move as he stared 'death' in the face, all of his instincts told him to run to fly away to do anything, but he was unable to frozen in place in perhaps fear, or maybe some other facet. Time seemed to slow as if Heaven, Hell, and Earth all held its breath for the outcome of that one single second.

                Rei's eyes widened as in a quick split second no thought intact instant she was in front of Cassiel taking the deadly blow for the older. The pike came down connecting with her chest creating a deep non fatal gash down her chest. The female's eyes widened as she felt the deadly force come into contact with her body before disappearing as she collapsed towards Cassiels arms. She grimaced as she felt the strong hand wrap around her throat and squeeze as he held her briefly a few inches off the ground watching her gasp for air as blood trickled down to pool under her suspended form. The fully angered Genocide released her as tears streaked her face as she fell slowly towards Cassiel leaving blood streaks through the air as she descended.  Cassiel acted quickly catching her under her arms as her back landed in his lap as the seer skidded to a halt on his knees. The silver rimmed sapphire eyes of hers were filled with tears as she grimaced with pain now lying in the seer's lap with blood pooling around her. Thanatos chuckled gazing down at the foolish woman who stepped in for her friend. "Such bravery .... too bad you are fated to die." he cooed and raised his weapon again intending to kill both the girl and the seer. He had no use for them... no need for them to live... two birds with one stone. He laughed as his weapon fell for the killing blow. Time stopped in that instant as his arm froze and he was unable to force it forward anymore the tip of his blade inches from Rei's exposed throat as he watched the girl flinch from the closeness of the tip of the blade, "What is this...." he hissed as he flinched at the pain that escalated through his mind.


                And in that moment heaven seemed to brighten as light bled from Thanatos and materialized taking on form and shape until Lucifel in his glory stood before the darkness of death that was Thanatos a blade of holy light holding back the others weapon. "You will not harm them!" the former lord of the fallen shifted the others weapon back even as Thanatos's form faded back to that of Genocide, Lucifel's power no longer at his disposal.

"Hehehe... stronger than you look."

                Rei grimaced a bit as she clung to Cassiel as pain rippled through her body.  She could feel her will fading before the bright light seem to bring her back. She shifted her gaze away from Cassiels chest towards Lucifel's back, "Lu...ci...fe...l.." she muttered as she reached out towards the former Lord of fallen blood dripping from the females hand from where she had held it over the wound in her chest. She recoiled in pain from the injury she'd taken for Cassiel. Bringing her arm back to her chest as a deep cough escaped her lungs bringing up a stream of blood to escape down her chin as she felt her body go slack for a few moments keeping her just barely conscious even though the wound was not deep enough to kill it was still. Bleeding very badly due to the largeness of the gash, Lucifel turned and gently took her from Cassiel and cradled her frail form against his home praying that he could still help her as she had helped him, " My dearest Reina...." he whispered softly and pressed their foreheads together gently. "Hang on my love."  His eyes now back to their sky blue color gazed down into her own eyes as worry and fear danced through the endless blue pools that belonged to the morning star

                Cassiel turned and scanned the field looking for one particular angel " RAPHEAL!" he yelled after realizing that the wound he had been keeping pressure on was starting to bleed out some more. The angel of healing began to make his way to them swiftly. Lucifel smiled," I'm here and I won't allow him to hurt you, just hang on my beloved. When this is all over, we can go home together." Rei smiled weakly as she reached a hand up towards Lucifel's cheek, “You...came back...I was worried you'd break...” she grimaced a bit as she paused in her words before looking back up at him again, “That...you'd..B...break your promise..." she whispered a bit as she let her fingers touch his cheek. She smiled a bit more knowing her mission was complete and he had finally returned to being the Morning Star he was destined to be. He smiled gently to her even as Raph began to heal her with his powerful magic. “I could never break my promise to you my love." he cooed softly before kissing her forehead. “Rest and be healed. This war will end swiftly." he smiled as he spoke towards her with a loving tone and stood nodding to Raphael and Cassiel before turning to face Genocide blue eyes shining fiercely.

Rei winced a bit as she smiled in a thankful way towards Raphael and Cass. She didn't want to let Lucifel face Genocide alone...she wanted to help but she figured she'd helped enough as she moved to sit up slowly as she leaned against Cassiel for support even after Raph's healing was complete. She looked up towards the seer, "I'm sorry for worrying you little Cass." she chuckled a bit as she watched the battle that was about to begin. Just as quickly as she wished that Lucifel wasn’t fighting alone a familiar hand had graced her shoulder and an item had looked her in the face. The small crescent moon she had given Azrael dangled in front of her. “I think you will be needing this? Thank you for allowing me to borrow it...” Azrael chuckled as he laid the metal object into her hand. The angel of death was prepared for this moment; it was clear as he stood strong as the clock slowly ticked away on the battle. Truthfully he didn’t want to lose Rei or this battle but he knew with all the other angels fighting, someone was going to need to help looking Thanatos in the face. The battle that ensued was terrifying in its might and power. At the close of the battle Genocide was promptly sealed away into the under layers of hell never to be able to be released without the full might of a certain set of sins.

Lucifel returned to his lover’s side and relinquished her care from Raphael to himself as he brought her close nuzzling her cheek lightly as he received a desired kiss from her lips before tucking her securely in his arms. He would take his lover and holder of his heart to his own former residence to rest up as he noticed her sapphire eyes had drifted closed to rest. Her head was lulled against his chest as he approached the pearl gate only to be met by Sandalphon and Metatron...the personal messengers of God himself. Sandalphon nodded towards the Morning Star, “It is good to have you back amongst our ranks, Lucifel...You're trial as an arch begins the moment you step through those gates.." the younger arch spoke as he looked towards the two,” Lucifel...during this trial..you will either lose her affection to another or you will gain it back ten fold...everyone can see how special she is towards you and as your brothers we would hate to see the day come where you choose hell once more." he spoke as Metatron moved up beside of Lucifel to check on the girl.

Metatron chuckled a bit, “Raphael is an excellent healer...I will make note of that...but she must fight the inner battle of her conscious herself...whether or not she will choose you in the end as Lucifel or Lucifer...is up to her. But be wary there are forces that are sealed away still that will try and corrupt that love...” he warned as Lucifel nodded. "I understand...Metatron, Sandalphon...Thank you for believing in her and in me...I have made plenty mistakes and I am ready to face my punishment accordingly." he said as the angels stepped aside and a small chuckle from Metatron Lucifer was motioned inside of the gates he'd longed sense dreamt about sense his fall.


                The days had passed sense this memory and heaven's light seemed to have grown brighter as the return of two of its finest Angels had rung from every corridor in a welcome. The golden streets glinted with the light of the mid day's rays that danced about from every mirror like surface possible. The streets were all but desolate as almost every angel had somewhere to be. Every angel but one it seemed as the sounds of boot covered feet trotted along the pathway towards and unknown location. The figure was revealed to be a rather beautiful young woman with eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea rimmed in a silvery like edge like accented the bright blue. She wore a mini puckered dress that came just a few inched below her thighs as the white fabric seemed to sparkle in the light of heaven. The swish of sheer fabric against the dress indicated she was sporting one sleeve showing off the rose tattoo that adorned her exposed left shoulder. The female reached a hand up brushing back some pale blonde strands from her face as heavens soft wind seemed to catch the strands and move them in and out of her face as she walked. Her legs brought her to the spot she had always sought comfort in when she had resided in heaven originally. The lake still sparkled with its clear waters and intricately designed fish. The grass was still its soft lush green as the blades rippled in the wind.

Rei found herself walking to the rock she had spent allot of time conversing with her now lover all those centuries ago. She brushed a hand along her dress as she found herself in a sitting position in the soft grass. A forlorn look crossed her face as memories flooded her mind. Most of her memories of heaven pertained to him. He had been the reason she ended up in hell...that her life had taken a dramatic turn before picking back up again. She sighed lightly as she remembered the days following Genocide's sealing. She had tried to get to speak to Lucifel but she had been cut off once more by two of his new subordinates that had treated her like he had treated the former fan girls. The blonde dropped her forehead onto her knees as she felt the salty tears that stung her blue eyes plopped onto her skirt. A soft hand ruffled her hair as someone sat down beside of her drawing her close to the warmth, “If I say I’m sorry...will you stop crying?" whispered the sultry voice of the Morning star.

                The Rei's head shot up immediately from where it had been rested as she stared at Lucifel who had an amused grin spread across his face, “I..I thought you had a meeting to go too...” she muttered as she glanced away trying to hide the tear trails down her cheeks. Lucifel chuckled a bit, “I...vacated early to be with someone more important." he said as he let fingers trail through the blonde strands he loved to pet. They had always sat by this lake till sundown and he had petted her hair till she fell asleep ever sense they were younger. He gazed down at her as she shifted a bit to lay her head on his lap as she had done many times before, “Those are new words coming from the Morning Star...a someone is more important than a meeting?" she chuckled a bit this time as he trailed fingers in a petting type manner to soothe her.

                "Lucifel...may I ask you a question? Sense we have finally found ourselves with some alone time...” she said as she shifted to turn to look up at him. She gazed into those alluring blue eyes that she loved so much as he leaned down closer to kiss her forehead but not before speaking, “You are always free to speak your mind around me...we established that unspoken rule between us centuries ago." he informed her with a sly grin. She huffed a bit before speaking after a few moments of silence had passed, “Why do you love me?" This questioned took the morning star by surprise, "Why do I 'love' you?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow as he shifted to move her to a sitting up position as he rested his hands in a cupping position against her cheek with a soft look crossing his face, "Reina..I love you because to you I am not a prize to be won. I am me and no one else.  And you understand that I possess feelings beyond the ones I portray on the surface...You have always been by my side and were the first person to ever give me something and not expect something in return." he spoke as he tugged her forward into a kiss.

                Reina smiled as she enjoyed the moment of bliss. Their love was senseless to others...he was much older than her and their abilities contrasted but she had gotten past the barrier that he had put up for others to stay out. She leaned forward wrapping her arms around his neck as she nuzzled her cheek against his. The Morning star smiled as he watched her unwrap her arms from his neck and move to lie down. He shifted as she laid her head back on his lap allowing him to run his fingers through her hair, "Lucifel...I love you because not only are you the person who showed me that if you apply yourself can be more than what others say..That just because you were not born an angel does not take away your right to be able to live within these gates and walls." she said as a blushed bloomed across her cheeks. The two stayed like this for hours until Rei had finally drifted into a peaceful nap. Even Angels needed rest sometimes and with Lucifel petting her hair like he had been doing it had relaxed her body more to the point her heavy eye lids had drifted closed into a soft nap.

  The morning star smiled as he watched his lover sleep, "Rei...you're the reason why...never forget that." he whispered lovingly as he allowed her to continue in her nap as he petted her hair.

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