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30 September 2010 @ 07:57 pm
Title: Kuroi Tsubasa (Black Wings)
Chara(s): DarkxKrad, Reina(Alyssian)xAxis, Satoshi
Chapters: 1 / ?
Author: heresyaddict 
Genre: romance/Tragedy/crack
"They are my light now..they are Tsubasa...Those With Wings.."

 Shiroi no TsubasaCollapse )
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30 September 2010 @ 07:50 pm
Hello all my lovelies out there..remember me? Yea thats right you should!!! hahaha...i made a new journal..yea yea i know..crazy girl is back xD oh well..anyway i decided sense the other journal had a bit of personal issues attached to it i would make a new one and START ALL OVER WITH YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!!!! so yea..new journal, new layout soon..and FRIENDS FUCKING ONLY...except for fanfiction..<< that won't be Friends Only...so yea..anyway...

He makes a sexy friends only banner ;D i couldn't resist~ lulz..anyway credit for the banner goes too


Okay!! Here are some of my rules, Please follow them, K thanks!?

Feel free to add me; I'll add you back.
Just don't mind my old, personal entries. x3
→ Comments/constructive criticism are always appreciated, ne. just be nice :3
→ Several entries do contain adult concepts/content. Read at your own risk.
(If you don't know what yaoi is, then I suggest for you to press the back button or go google it <3)
→ Please DO NOT steal/re-post my fics without giving me credit. That's just rude and i worked hard to write them..so if i catch you I will not be nice about it.
→ Feel free to check out my personal journals (if you've added me); I love making new comments and stuff <3
→ Please do enjoy! It always makes me happy as a writer.v (^________^) v

Thank you so much. -Ri
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