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08 February 2011 @ 04:56 pm
Between Angels And Insects  
Title: Lessons to be Learned
Author: heresyaddict  
Genre: Tragedy/Romance
Main Chara: Latheal, Vicious, Lucian, Knightly King, Kiru, Naru 
Warning: Broken Parental Relationship, Sadness, Abuse
"Cause everything is nothing and emptiness is in everything
Credit: Papa Roach for the Lyrics

Helios, a planet of nothing but dirt and grime seemed to shine brightly this evening as the moons red luster seemed to hang ominously in the dark foreboding sky above the Solaris Mansion that belonged to Katherine and Angel. It seemed that this night all the servants and even the owner’s children had been dismissed to their quarters for the remainder of the evening. Even Katherine and Angel who had never prided themselves on punctuality were in their respective quarters at the early hour after sundown. Music seemed to swell softly from the large ballroom centered in the back part of the house as small feet carried a frame across the floor anxious to get see what all the commotion was about this evening. A small cream long sleeved nightgown seemed to flutter around a little girl’s feet ,to keep the cold winter air out, as she leaned up on her tip toes to get a better look through the crack in the doorway. Her eyes widened when the crack was soon blacked out by a figure which emerged when the double oak doors were opened.

It's about a revolution in your heart and in your mind
you can't find the conclusion, life-style and obsession
Diamond rings get you nothing but a lifelong lesson

Dark hair and alluring eyes caught the blue shimmering in the darkness before he bent down slowly, "Why are you out of bed so late, pet?" he questioned as he watched her fidget, "Um...I was curios…momma sent me to bed with her and said you weren't gonna come so.." she said as she looked down only to miss the smile that played across the handsome man’s face, "That’s quit alright..Momma doesn't want you to have the kind of fun your kind should be allowed...” he spoke softly as he bent down to her level before speaking once more as his hand drifted to her face brushing some hair affectionately from her small round face that housed the blue eyes that he secretly obsessed over, “You are a precious one, pet..Do not let that woman's ideals run rampant in your silly little mind…" he spoke as he reached a hand out watching her flinch before softly lifting her round face to look up at his noticing the tears that had sprung up due to his usual behavior of reprimanding her due to her being up so late…but tonight he had decided to make an exception for his little pet, "Now…dry those tears and come with Papa…You will be my guest of honor tonight, my precious little one." he spoke as he watched the dark haired 4 year old rub her eyes before she was lifted off the floor and into the strong hold of her father. Latheal glanced around the room curiously as the large oak doors shut behind them as she was carried towards the stage where she had seen her mother's 'throne' sit once before. The man’s expression turned respectfully displeased as a much taller man approached, "Vicious, she should not be here, brother..” he said in reference to the little girl that was quietly perched in her father’s arms, “She is only the innocent age of 4…not even her other half is present." he warned strongly but scowled as the one named Vicious only smiled, "Don't fret Lucian…I plan to do nothing to her..She deserves some entertainment…you should wake your little one for the same thing." he chuckled as he turned from his brother and walked towards the stage shifting his daughters weight to his stronger arm as he approached the stage.

You're a slave to the system, working jobs that you hate
For that shit you don't need
It's too bad the world is based on greed

Vicious guided his daughter and himself to the elegant stage that sat in the very back of the ballroom before placing his hands around her waist and set her down on her mother's throne, "Stay there, pet…my guests are always well protected from vile influences." he chuckled as he noticed a small boy and his father move through the crowd with another boy in tow. He narrowed his eyes before turning to Latheal who had touched his hand, “May I have a question, papa?" she said as she looked up at him with big blue eyes that only quirked the smiled on his face more as he bent down to her level. "You may, Pet." he said as he smoothes the hem of her night gown, "What is your question, dear one?" he asked as he watched her contemplate her words carefully before speaking, “What are we...cele...cele…Partying about?" she questioned as Vicious chuckled, “Celebrating, Pet..and we are celebrating the Blood Moon." he replied as his voice gained a studious teacher tone that he used when explaining something to her as she nodded, “What is so special about the moon, Papa?" she inquired as she tilted her head to side. Vicious mused to himself as he normally would have been inclined to punish her for her constant bantering but he , instead, patted her hand, "That is a story for when you are a little older, Latheal. Right now I will tell you that our kind, yours and mine, celebrate this night in order to keep our good fortune and prosperity…even the young crown prince will celebrate this night.." he said in passing as he glanced towards the crowd.

Cause everything is nothing and emptiness is in everything
This reality is really just a fucked up dream
With the flesh and the blood that you call your soul

Latheal watched her father as he chose to sit in the throne that normally seated her aunt. She glanced around the room before noticing that her father was speaking to a servant who quickly dashed off before a man approached the throne area. Vicious immediately got up and bowed, “My Lord…It is unexpected to see you here.” He said as the taller man chuckled, “Don’t play coy with me, Vicious…You know my presence when it comes into an area…but no matter..I came to see what all the commotion was about and show my son the land that borders our country…” he said as he noticed the little girl sitting on the throne, “And who might this lovely little creature be? Surely not yours...” he mused in a joking tone that made Vicious insides twist into a knot of anger but he pushed it aside as he nodded, “Aye…She is my daughter and the most precious jewel of my life…” he moved to the side allowing the man to step forward. He smiled towards her as she edged back into her seat, “Do not be afraid of me, little one…I mean you no harm…” he said as he held out a hand to her. She looked to her father before reaching out slowly and placed her hand on his. The king smiled, “You smell like a beautiful Illyrian flower that has yet to bloom…You would make the loveliest bride to my son…if only he was interested in such things.” He mused causing the little girl to tilt her head before grinning, “You’re funny..” she said which seemed to startle the young king who looked at her. Vicious quickly interfered, “Latheal, I do believe it is time for you to go to bed…” he frowned as he looked towards the king, “You should return to your son, your majesty…this is no such party for children to venture on their own.” He said he lifted Latheal onto her feet and turned briskly walking away half dragging the little girl behind him..

Possessions they are never gonna fill the void
Take it away and learn the best lesson
The heart, the soul, the life, the passion

Latheal soon found herself drug into the hallway by the upper part of her arm and harshly shoved forward, “I don’t know what you think, Child…but I will not have my children speaking to anyone in such a rude manner..” he hissed towards her, his jealousy of the kings appraisal and offer to marry the prince had boiled the demon’s blood, “and I will not have you associated with any part of that tainted family..” he growled as he watched her look up at him, “I sorry, papa…I…I didn’t mean to be rude..” she said as the fretful tone edged around her voice. Vicious scowled as his foul mood had reached its boiling point…and for the first time in a long line of events he raised his hand bringing it down and across the little girls face. Latheal let out a whimper as she crashed to the floor, the tears soon followed as she touched her cheek which stung. She could not utter a word before her father spoke, “You are mine…mine only…you have no value to your mother..” he seethed as he reached down yanking her up by her arm and was half drug once more from the room. "These are only the beginning of the lessons I fear I will have to teach you if you start to take after your mother." he spoke disdainfully as he walked.

Present yourself press your clothes
Comb your hair and clock-in
You just can't win
Just can't win
The things you own, own you now

The young king scowled as he watched the little girl be half drug from the room. He turned to face his son and his son’s friend who had come to join him, “Who was that, father?” the dark haired boy questioned softly before the boy beside him answered, “Latheal Solaris…Snake’s sister..or cousin..one of the two.” The blond spoke as he clenched his friends hand tightly. The young prince looked to his father who looked unhappy, “Did the angel say something to displease you, father?” he asked as he watched the man shake his head before lifting the dark haired boy off the floor, “No, she didn’t…and she isn’t any ordinary Angel, my boy…she is a very special angel.” He chuckled as he ruffled both boys hair, “Come now…we should leave before we cause anymore ripples in this times pool.” He spoke as he turned motioned the boys to follow him as they vanished from the party.

This reality is really just a fucked up dream
With the flesh and the blood that you call your soul

The candle flickered beside of the bed as the young Solaris was roused from her half dream half memory once more. Cold sweat lingered on her forehead as she reached a hand up to touch her face. She could still feel the bandage that remained from a recent fight with her boyfriend…soon to bed ex if she could ever find the right reason to break up with him. She shook her head as she shifted to sit up finding herself tangled into the silk under sheet and the duvet. She sighed as she planted her feet on the cold wood floor beneath her trying not to disturb the other body that was present in the large bed that occupied the center of the dimly lit room. She pushed open the bathroom doorway and looked to herself in the mirror as she frowned a bit, how did she manage to get herself into this situation…sleeping with her partner to get back at Alex? Had she really gone that low…she frowned as she found her feet carrying her to the balcony where the falls cool breeze floated over her form like an unwelcome present.  She hadn’t been aware of the shadow that had lingered around her room until familiar hands were around her waist and her throat,

“You can never escape me, Pet..”

I just want to be heard, loud and clear are my words

AN: I know this won't make sense to those who haven't yet read Hells Children or know about Trigun Evolution..but I can't really make it, make sense to you xD I'm sorry! You'll just have to bare with me until the book is released. Love you.../shot..
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