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13 February 2011 @ 02:27 am
Music Drable  
Title: Music Drabble Meme
Author: heresyaddict
Status: Complete
Genre: Varied
Series: Varied
Chara(s): Varied 
Warning: Some mention of abuse, Cutting and other things. 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is a music drable meme. Read further in to acquire what you seek.
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How do I play?

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

MEME # 1

Series: Hell's Children
Pairing: Latheal and Katherine
Song Used: "I will not bow" by Breaking Benjamins

The moons rays hung high in the sky as blue eyes peered out through a balcony window a distinct frown placed on her face as she listened to her music blair in the background. The door behind her swung open as a voice echoed behind her,”Turn that crap down!” the woman belted as she was soon met by very angry looking eyes, “No, MOTHER..I will not turn that crap down “ she said in a sarcastic tone with a grin spread across her face. The woman growled as she looked to the girl, “You are so much like him it makes me sick, Alexandria!” she hissed. Alexandria sighed,”Whatever you say, mother...” she said once more in a sarcastic tone as she shook her head ignoring the woman. The years beyond this lead to nothing but more fights and bloodshed until one of them ended up dead...fate never would tell either the reasoning behind this until it's final card had been played. The dark haired young woman had grown up after all of these would be events into a woman of integrity and faithfulness..able to serve those she loved with all of her heart..she had shut out the world of her past and moved on.


MEME # 2

Series: Hells's Children
Pairing: LathealxKiru
Song Used: "Beautiful Girl" by Broken Iris

He watched as she slept beside of him in the dark silk bed. Her tresses of hair spread across her bare back allowing the tattooed wings to be exposed between the thin long strands that pooled down her back from her head to frame a rather, in his opinion, angelic face. He reached over brushing some hair from her face with a soft smile spread across his face. How he could he ever have pushed her away? She was his soul mate..the one person on this entire god forsaken planet that completed him fully. She shifted in her sleep as a memory or two went through her mind..some happy...some sad. Tears trailed down her cheeks as she remembered the night before..how they had ended up this way. Her coming home like that was terrible..she used to be so ontop the world..and then she fell...but why did she fall? It was because of that one person..the person she hated most of all above her mother, her father..but Kiru...Kiru completed her. A hand brushing her tears away made her smile in her sleep.


MEME # 3

Series: Original Characters (IMVU)
Pairing: Ri'ania and Koan
Song Used: "Every Lie" by My Darkest Days

The tears spilled from her cheeks as she walked the beautiful gardens of the palace that she lived in. How could he...their marriage..their children..everything was gone. He was gone...was it all just a lie? Another sob escaped from her throat as she found herself walking by a beautiful fully bloomed cherry blossom tree. She looked up at it as she heard a voice from behind her, she turned to see his face coming towards her. She blinked a bit confused before she registered the serious look on the handsome Lord's face...the words that came next destroyed what tatters of hope she had been left holding onto, “Ri'ania i'm sorry...we are through...I just...don't love you anymore...” he said before his cheek was connected with her palm as she screamed at him,”I HATE YOU!!!” she shouted as she turned lifting the edges of the pearly white dress gown she was wearing and dashed off into the deeper parts of the garden.


MEME # 4

Series: Original Characters (IMVU)
Pairing: Ri and Koan
Song Used: "Breakdown" by Brekaing Benjamin

She grinned as she dashed through the woods, glinting blood stained dagger in hand, she couldn't help herself..she got such a high off this sort of thing. Her body, dressed only in a skimpy cloth type outfit, moved with the wind and shadows. The tears sprang to her eyes as she remembered the place she left behind..the blood..the death...against her will...a grin spread across her face as she moved jumping up into the air as she dodged a few arrows sent her way. She had killed someone important to this land...as if she cared...that was why they were after her. She smirked...she was breaking down inside..this was her only way to even remotely stay sane..it amazed her sometimes how much closer she and Reiz were becoming in order to live up to their former Masters natures that they had been given. She moved, quickening her pace as an arrow flew past her face leaving a small line down her cheek.


MEME # 5

Series: Hells Children
Pairing: Latheal x Kiru
Song Used: "White Rabbit" by Egypt Central

Latheal sat leaning against her bike on the hill over looking the city of November where his apartment rested. She frowned to herself as she crossed her arms before she shook her head. She felt a pair of arms around her shoulder as a familiar and warm presence surrounded her, “You are going to lose yourself at this rate if you aren't careful, Alexandira...” the sultry voice spoke behind her. She sighed as her shoulders slumped, “Whatever was left of me was lost long ago..” she said as her eyes peered out at the city, “I suppose i'm just a follower now...not much of a leader...” she said before her body was turned around to face elegantly sculpted features of the illyrian crown prince. She was quickly pulled into a deep kiss that seemed to last forever. She knew that from here on out things were only going to spiral down this dead end road until it met up with something new...beyond that future that was already set in stone she was unsure of..but this thing..that was infront of her..she was very sure of...sure enough to kiss him back.


MEME # 6

Series: Original Characters (IMVU)
Pairing: Ri and Koan
Song Used: "Shattered" by Trading Yesterday

The rain seemed to pour down over the soaked form of a young woman that was sitting on her knees in the middle of the cobble stone path. The water dripped from her silvery colored hair that pulled up into two buns on the side of her head with strands of hair coming down in single tails from the back of the buns and curled around beside of her in the puddles of rain that had pooled about her form. Something rested underneath her hands on her lap...it glinted in a metallic fashion under the hazy light of the rainy day. The events of the day ran through her mind..the word of her former husband and her oldest sons death..the disappearance of her daughters..it had all led to this. She let her blue eyes search her reflection for any sign of hope..there was nothing..it had all died with the last breath of her recent born son. She shifted her posture as the wind blew by her..she rose the dagger to a level position as the sound of thunder echoed in the distance. She brought the dagger down plunging it into her chest and into her heart.

This was the only way to destroy her life...by a hunters dagger that held the power of the one that kept her being in this world. The blood seeped from the deep wound staining the front of her beautiful dress as her body slumped sideways onto the cobble stone. Cherry blossoms seemed to float down sticking to her form and mixing in with the blood that seemed to pool around her. Her blue eyes searched the pathway infront of her as her iris's began to fade into deep pools of rainy blue hues. She smiled softly as she felt death overtake her..the sweet scent of her sister in the distance gave her peace as she finally closed her eyes. A peaceful expression crossed her face finally as her spirit went to join those she loved in the other realm.


MEME # 7

Series: D*N*Angel
Pairing: Satoshi x Daisuke
Song Used: "Just One Last Dance" by Sarah Connor & Natural

The red headed male seemed to peer out at the crowd that passed him by as another male sat down across from him, "May I sit here?” he questioned as he brushed some azure strands from his face peering over at the other that sat staring off into space for the moment. The red headed male turned to look at the other with a rather soft puppy dog pout placed across his face, “Are you sure?” he questioned as he blushed lightly as the other seemed to grin and then smile softly, “I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure, Dai-chan.” he said as he tilted his head lightly to look at the other as he glanced up. Tomorrow..this would all end...one of them would live..and the other would die. The azure haired male clenched his fist...why did it have to come to this. He sighed a bit as the other spoke, "I don't want it to be this way...” 

I know...but we have no choice...

The red head cut off the others sentence as he planted a deep kiss on the others lips. Satoshi hadn't even noticed him moving...were his senses that numb around this boy? He brought a hand up to the back of the others neck and pulled him down closer returning the sweet and innocent kiss they were sharing. He felt the other smile into the kiss as he offered a return smile. He wished this could last longer but sadly..they were out of time


MEME # 8

Series: Trigun: Evolution (OC)
Pairing: Latanya and Alex
Song Used: "Goodnight" by Egypt Central

She stared upwards blankly..her blue eyes watching the ceiling as it seemed to swirl in darkness above her flicking the shadows along with her candles that wafted scents of fresh falling rain and spring time. She laid her head back against the cool marble rim of the tub. She wanted to end all of this pain...all the pain Alex and her mother had caused her. She was never good enough for them..she couldn't keep a boyfriend for the life of her..her father was gone now..so she was even more alone. She felt the tears trickle down her cheek as she relaxed her arm out on the side of the tub as something plopped onto the already shimmering floor.

Her wrist had a about three deep slashes across the surface..enough to break the vein that rested just beneath the skins surface letting the blood seep out and run down her arm only to drip off onto the floor making small puddles on the darkened tile. She smiled as her iris's faded..she was no longer in pain. She felt the peace that came with this decision..all the pain that she knew she would cause her mother as well as her brother only made her smile widen as her eyes fully closed and her body slumped into the water leaving only her nose and upper face exposed as the blood now dripped down her arm into the tub that was already a deep crimson from the other wrist she had slashed using the silvery razor that was stained in blood and currently laying in the puddle of red liquid on the floor.


MEME # 9

Series: Trigun
Pairing: Vash and Knives
Song Used: "Renegade" by Styx

Vash peered out through his sunglasses towards the sand drenched valleys before him. He sighed as he looked to the man that he carried, “Why did you have to be so difficult?” he said as he looked towards the desert ahead of him. He was still wanted...the 60 billion double dollar man...that wasn't him...that was his brother..his twin of sorts though they were complete opposites. A grunt came from the form he was carrying, “I'm only being difficult because you are,brother..” he said as Vash helped him stand up.

The two looked towards the distance..they had been the first on this planet..the ones who had assisted these people into becoming what they were now.

The twins frowned as they looked behind them..towards where their 'Eden' had been. The two began to walk forward..from here on out they would fear no one not even each other. Vash brushed a hand through his spiky hair as the lighter blonde brushed a gloved hand through his slicked back hair. They were both wanted men now...both sharing the same destiny and the same sky without any regrets to hold them back they proceeded forward into the deepening horizon.


MEME # 10

Series: Original Character (DNAngel RPG)
Pairing: Furukizu x Crystal
Song Used: "Still Worth Fighting For (Bonus)" by My Darkest Days

Furukizu looked down at the grave in front of him. Tears dripped down his face..he could still hear her voice..singing..it was a beautiful sound. The man's sanity had left when her last breath had been drawn. His eyes pierced the headstone with the glare as he let out a despair filled screamed and dropped to his knee's. She was gone...but her memory lived on. What could he have done to save her? To protect her. Night colored wings ripped from his back and spread wide sending droplets of blood spraying onto the headstones around him. He was on his feet minutes..he would destroy those who destroyed her. He rose into the air and shot towards the estates he knew most well..those of her dreaded family would die first..then his own. He would save his brother for last...let him die slowly...suffer the way Furukizu's love had suffered. He would never forgive them all for this..for taking her from him.



Phew I didn't think i'd ever do this haha but with a lil kick in the bum byAoishi-chan I did it!! I honestly don't believe I did half as many Characters from an actual series as I did from my OC's xD . Anways, hope you all enjoyed them!!! <3 Oh! and if you decide to play please email me and let me know you did!! I'd like to see what other people come up with.. EMAIL ME
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