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15 February 2011 @ 05:34 pm
Hurricane: Chapter 1  
Chapter 1

       The moons elegant rays seemed to shine down on a beautiful fountain positioned in the middle of the wide drive attached to the large manor house[1] that was alight with excitement in the cold fall air. Horse hooves were heard echoing in the distance under the sounds of the merriment of the party that seemed to go on oblivious to the ominous feel in the air. A carriage seemed to roll to a stop elegantly at the doors of the manor house. The guardsmen paused unaware that a late guest would be arriving at this time of the part. They stood their guard hesitantly as the door opened and a young girl stepped from the carriage onto the soft dirt drive beneath the carriage.  The guard’s eyes widened at the site of the beautiful young woman that was wearing a simple but elegant ball gown that covered her feet and fit to her form like a glove.  The gown, its self, flowed outwards in a simple manner as it came across her chest exposing the tops of her breasts before sweeping outwards towards her shoulders in a sort of oval type manner.  The sleeves came down in a bell fashion on her arms covering her hands slightly but were pinned back in a way that showed a little of the inner lining of the gown, which was of course the custom of this era. The front of the dress came down in a simple manner to accent her waist before continuing down to allow the sun colored silk to glitter with the sewn on beads that flowed down the dress to accent her form. Her hair was curled and pinned in places to her head where a silvery crown that glittered was placed near the start of her forehead to give her hair a small poof accent. Her curly hair was left to fall over her shoulders and frame her rather doll like face and to give her blue eyes the ability to sparkle.
           She offered a smile towards the men as her eyes seemed to almost shimmer a golden color in the pale moonlight for a split second as the two bodies slumped to the ground. She giggled in a childish type of manner before her eyes were averted to look back towards her escort in the carriage as the older male stepped out. The man was a good few feet taller than his female counterpart and wore a white suit lined in gold to offset her dress. He grinned at the site of the unconscious guards before placing a hand on her head of dark almost raven colored hair that cascaded down her back allowing the crimped curls to cascade over her shoulders framing her childlike face. They had changed her hair color for the era so as to not make it so apparent she was a Hikari...it was their own little protection manner for his little pet. He moved his hand from her head as he looked forward towards the house with a slightly narrowed gaze, "Mei Amet[2]…try not to use too much of your new found abilities...or we will be noticed." he spoke softly as he offered his arm out once her finished watching as she nodded before placing her hand on his arm as they walked forward to enter the elegantly styled building that was now open for them sense the guards were out of the way.
         The feeling of uneasiness washed over the young woman as they entered the crowd, her deep iridescent blue eyes instantly sought a familiar face through the ballroom but did not linger for fear that he would get angry at her presence. She turned as the music began to start up once more as a steady waltz built within the musicians that played. The older blond lifted her hand as he turned her to face him, “He will not make the first move just yet..." he chuckled at the forlorn expression that flickered across her eyes before he began to move to the pace of the waltz following the dancers around the room. The person of the couple’s conversation averted his dark gaze towards the crowd once more as he noticed a new pair of bodies that had joined the swaying group of nobles that had piled together in this room. He shifted as he watched the couple turn before the young woman's face was exposed to him. His eyes seemed to widen on their own as he felt his pulse quicken with anticipation, ‘What is she doing here? She was not supposed to come...damn you grandfather...' he thought to himself. He moved forward as if his feet were carrying him towards the two before he stopped, “May I…intervene?" he questioned politely with a bow. The blonde male glanced towards the young man who had questioned if he could intervene on their dance and grinned softly as his partners attention was now fully on the azure haired prince that stood before them.
           The two had stopped dancing complete as the male held out his partner's hand placing it on the azure haired males.   Outstretched palm,” Be my guest, young prince." he spoke softly as the young woman's eyes widened as she was placed into the hands of the prince and watched her company depart. The Prince's words broke through her thoughts," Why are you here, Reina?" he questioned as they began to dance, he had tugged her close to match the stance of the dance they were entering into. She turned her child like face to look up at him, his eyes drawing her in like the ocean, as she spoke “Because you're here, Axis and because Uncle has business here.” She spoke as he twirled her out once more in the elegant waltz fashion that they both knew so well. They had done this song and dance once before in their long life time...but tonight seemed like it would be different somehow. The Azure haired prince seemed to frown as he realized he couldn't keep his eyes off of her form. She was every bit as beautiful as she had been that night they had first met on that sandy white beach so many eves before. He shook his head gaining a stern expression, “It doesn't matter my love...you endanger yourself by being here..” he sighed as they continued to dance along with the waltz that had softened to its measure before the climax would be reached and the dancers positioned themselves to continue their dance as they moved into circles before returning to their partners.

      Reina sighed as she replaced her hand back on top the prince's palm as they began their dance once more unaware that eyes were watching their every movement. Axis had shifted his posture to protective as he guessed the meaning of her sigh. He frowned slightly as they danced for a few more paces before Reina began to speak, she was immediately cut off by Axis's firm tone, “Get the silly idea's out of your head, Reina[3]...They will kill you if they realize who you are…or.." he hesitated as she finished, “What I am?" she said as she caught his startled gaze once more as he looked down at her, "Axis...I'm tired of running...tired of hiding.." she began before she was cut off as the waltz ended as the two separated for the moment. The dark haired angel was soon returned to her counterpart’s side as the prince resumed his spot beside of the other three that sat near the large open window that looked out upon the luxurious gardens Reina was so familiar with.
          A silky voice brought her back from her thoughts as her eyes glanced upwards to meet gold one, “Our time has come, child[4]...this war will begin its final stages tonight...” he spoke as he offered a kind gesture towards the young girl by tilting her chin upwards with a white gloved finger, “If in fact...I do not see your sweet face at the end of this eve...I will return to awaken you once more.” he said as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead as she replied, “I understand, Ojisama[5].”She spoke as she nodded her head politely allowing her eyes to look up into his face, “I will not disappoint you. “She spoke as the blonde male grinned lightly, “Good I expect wonderful things from you darling niece...to avenge your mother’s death should be your ultimate goal through this.” he spoke as a frown that could mirror her uncle's normal expression any day. The music began to start up again as Reina stood there beside of her uncle, “Ojisama[6]...I want to dance again...” she said as she bit her lip lightly. The man chuckled a bit, “Well then why don't you seek out the one you came here for.” he said as he patted her on the bottom moving her forward a bit.
                        The waltz had resumed in its entirety as couples began to descend once more onto the marble uncoated floors of the ballroom that was eloquently decorated for the evening’s events. A pair of hazy greyish colored eyes watched the blonde couple that stood aloof and off to the side of the crowd conversing amongst themselves. A deep frown stretched across his face as another young man stepped up beside of him, “What seems to be bothering you, Ojiisan?” he questioned with an amused tone as he had noticed the woman’s disturbing presence once she had entered the elegant ballroom. He knew what it was that attracted his brother to this girl...her beauty was ethereal and her voice was like that of the sirens song that mystified the sea's travelers. The greyish eyed male narrowed his gaze as he noticed the girl move forward and the obvious azure haired prince step towards her, “What is his fascination with this female?” He questioned as he folded his hands behind his back like a martial artists would when addressing his students. The younger male chuckled,” She is beautiful, Grandfather and nothing like her kind so they say...but she is Kurrado's niece...his recently deceased sister had a daughter instead of a son and it seems our Lord Hikari has taken a liking to her.” he chuckled as he shook his head before the elder man spoke, “She is more like a pet to him from what I see. Women in that cursed family do not last very long[7].” he frowned as he glanced towards the guards and nodded. The younger blonde allowed her blue eyes to lift to her Uncle's face, “It has begun, Ojisan.” She spoke as a grin spread across the older man’s face, “Good...now go do your job...capture that prince's heart.” he spoke as if the words themselves were a type of spell. He watched as the girls silvery colored iris's faded into silverish blue pools in her eyes as she nodded, “As you wish, Ojisama.” she spoke as she turned towards the crowd and made her way towards the 'royal' court which consisted of Axis, his brother, and their grandfather at this point in the party.

                The rest of the court had entered the dance floor for this last waltz of the night. The young blonde's dress brushed the floor as she walked up towards them placing her fingers on the edges of her dress she tugged it outwards curtsying politely dipping her head slightly to show respect, “Thank you for allowing us to join in your festivities, my lords.” she spoke as she smiled towards them. The younger prince stepped forward before Axis could speak, “It is a pleasure to be host to you and your Uncle, M'lady.” he spoke as he reached forward taking her hand and placing a kiss upon the top of her head which immediately sent a jolt of jealously through Axis's body. The expression lasted a mere millisecond across his face before it vanished. Reina smiled, “The pleasure is all mine. I assure you, Lord Nail[8].” The blonde girl smiled, her smile reflected the innocence of a child but the deviousness of something not human. Nail grinned in pleasure as he nodded, “Would you mind if I stole a single dance from you this evening, M'lady? I would hate for my brother to monopolize all of your dance time.” he spoke as he presented his gloved hand out to her. The blonde girl smirked inwardly as she reached out placing her hand in his, “I would be honored if I could receive one dance from at least another of the hosts of this glorious party.” she said as he quickly moved leading the girl to the dance floor as the waltz music began to swell to almost a stand still climax as the two entered the dance floor. All eyes moved towards them as they stood apart from each other for a brief moment before he pulled her close, igniting another jealous spark through his brother, as his free hand went around her waist.
                A small grin spread across the girls face as they danced. At the end of the dance they stood in the middle of the moving crowd. Nail shifted his hold and pressed her closer to himself watching her silvery pools return to normal as he leaned down to press his lips to her own. A sharp pain entered the side of the Nails face as a fist connected with the skin that was there sending the younger prince to the ground roughly as Reina stood there shocked to see Axis standing in front of her protectively, “You bastard.,..” he hissed as Nail stood to his feet with a grin, “So finally those pesky rouges were correct about something....you have seized yourself a prize within the enemies boarders. How interesting.” he chuckled darkly as the crowd had paused to see what events were unfolding in the center of the dance floor. The female’s counterpart, frowned to himself as he, watched the scene play out before him. His plan had failed...'Damn that Guardian...' he hissed inside of his mind as he started forward.

[1]This takes place in what would be considered the Tudor Dynasty in England but remember this is fiction so some things might not match the time era...because I'm awesome like that and this story takes place in Tudor England not Japan.
[2]Mei Amet means My Pet in Latin.
[3]They aren’t using titles. Considering this is Tudor England... :P I hope you caught that…because that’s important.
[4]Reina is still considered a child in terms of age and mentality because they are immortal artworks/Angels they have no concept of time in human standards.
[5]OjiSama/San means Uncle in Japanese
[6]Ojiisama means Grandfather in Japanese.
[7]If you have read or are currently reading past the volume about Satoshi's past in the D*N*Angel Manga you'd understand that Satoshi's mother and other woman in the Hikari family died very young.
[8]For those reading, Nail and Axis and their grandfather are not my chara(s) I give all credit to their actual owner who will be reading this fic when I am finished. (: So Axis, Nail and Ojii-sama © Michael Hagood and Reina © Kayde Gibbon…Krad and any other DNAngel chara(s) mentioned © Yukiru Sugisaki.

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