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04 October 2011 @ 09:13 am
Monster [One Shot]  
12am Helios, Solaris Estates, Outskirts of October City
His little whispers love me, love me. That's all I ask for, love me, and love me. He battered his tiny fists to feel something. Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something
The moon set high in the sky as its pale light brushed down against the grounds leading towards the beautiful gothic estate. Darkness seemed to surround a lone room within the large estate house that belonged to none other than Seraphine and Alexandria Solaris. The stench of sweet blood filtered through the second floor as voices shouting could be heard echoing off the dark walls. Any listening ears would be able to trail the voices to a beautiful oak door that led to their mistress's Gemini's quarters.  "You're such a bitch!" Shouted a deep but rich sultry voice from behind the door as more yelling ensued behind the door. This seemed to be a common occurrence now a day’s sense the handsome Illyrian prince had settled into the estate.

"Go to hell Alexander! I'm so sick of your possessiveness and you being an asshole!"  
The sound of flesh meeting flesh could be heard as it resounded through the hallway followed by a thud as someone or something was pushed up against the oak door. The maids all scattered to leave their mistress and her company alone knowing there was nothing they could do except alert their mistress who was not at home currently. Even their masters were out which was unusual for this part of the evening.
Monster, how should I feel? Creatures lie here looking through the window
The sapphire eyed halfling grabbed the rave haired female around the upper parts of her arms before he shoved the female figure onto the silk covered bed hard leaving a small scuffle trail that included the skirt she had previously been wearing, behind them as he moved onto the bed, “You can't refuse me. You should know that by now, Alexandria Latheal Solaris.” he smirked in a devious way causing the girl's eyes to widen a bit as she moved to get away from him. She shifted from his presence to get to the edge of the bed. He lashed out his right hand snatching her wrist violently from mid-air tugging her back as he pinned her wrists above her head with a smirk as he switched to holding them down with one hand before he trailed a hand down her swollen cheek to her throat and then to the edge of her button up shirt. He looped one finger inside the top of the shirt and tugged hard ripping the buttons from the fabric that was holding them together. 
The raven haired Solaris bit her lip as the black laced white silk fabric that made up her bra was revealed from underneath the shirt that had concealed her chest. Alexander chuckled as he shifted slipping a switch blade from his back pocket and looked to the skinny but fit framed woman beneath him. "You look so beautiful when fear lights up those sapphire colored eyes of yours, Alexandria.”He chuckled as he bent down kissing her roughly before a sharp pain entered his mouth as she sunk her canine teeth which were sharper than normal due to the sweet blood running through her veins, into his bottom lip earning her another harsh backhand to the face…
That night he caged her, Bruised and broke her. He struggled closer then he stole her
Alexander bent down to place his lips once more to her throat, "If you scream this won't be any fun...Latheal...or should I call you...Alexandria?"He chuckled before the resounding click of the switchblade could be heard moments before the young raven haired woman cried out in pain as the man currently pinning her down slid the switchblade across her rib area allowing the sweet scent of her alluring blood to fill the room. He traced the edge of the blade down her side cutting the fabric of her bra and continued lower. 
"Your prince can’t save you...he left for Illyria earlier this evening...” 
Alexandria struggled underneath his pinning body weight; he had positioned himself just below her hips in order to keep her pinned down and unable to move. He traced the tip of the blade around her nipples once he removed the cloth that was in his way. She flinched as he pressed the tip of the blade hard onto the tip of her left nipple. "Get the fuck away from me you prick!!!" she shouted at him as she tried to throw him off before the swift movement of the blade caused her to cry out in pain once more as the wet substance that smelled so delicious ran down her arm. She felt so helpless with whatever he had spiked her drink with. She couldn't use her gifts to throw him out and it made her feel so human that she felt an over whelming dizziness and sickness rise up in the pit of her stomach. She felt her own resolve trying to drift away into the darkness of her mind. Alexander smirked as he shifted a bit using what plant angel strength he had to hold her down as he tied the fabric of her shredded shirt around her wrists and then to the backboard of the bed. He moved lower planting kisses as he went and began trailing the knife tip along with him teasingly pressing it into her skin and making small beads of crimson appear on the surface to decorate the beautiful silk that was at his mercy as she whimpered a bit whenever he would prick her skin. Latheal struggled as much as she could trying to cry out to the one person she knew would hear her no matter what, 'Kiru!' she cried out letting the urgency and tears in her voice be known as she struggled against Alex's hold as the blade reached the edge of her underwear and easily slid through the black lace and silk fabric causing it's owners legs to shift together to keep them from coming off. "Stop it Alex!" She pleaded but was rewarded with his nails dragging down her back allowing the sticky delicious substance to trickle down her back. He smirked as he leaned down licking up a bit of the blood, “Stop what, Alexandria?" he chuckled as he balanced the knife across her arm.
Violate wrists and then her ankles Silent pain. Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams
Alexandria whimpered once more as she tried to push him off with her legs. He smirked as he brought his hand back and another resounding crack was heard throughout the room as she cried out shifting to throw him off the bed and succeeded as his balanced wavered before she heard the thud of his body hit the floor. She quickly struggled to get her bloody wrists free from their hold allowing the fabric to shred under the mental pressure she placed on them. As soon as her feet hit the floor five cold fingers wrapped around her throat and shoved her up against the wall shoving her face into the cold wood as his free hand slipped down her back and between her silken legs before he was shoved off. Alexander chuckled as he reached out twisting his fingers into the silk tresses he knew that knightly bastard loved. He yanked her to her feet causing a noise of pain to escape the Solaris female's throat before he threw her across the room and through the full body mirror that sat just opposite of them. The glass shattered causing that sweet scent to fill the air even more as the sickening thud of her light weight frame hit the floor only to lay there amidst glass and blood. He spat as he turned towards the balcony and vaporized into the nights shadows leaving that sweet scent behind which was now tainted with the full bloom.
1am Helios, Front Gates of the Solaris Estates

The luminous car lights of Kiru's sleek black vehicle peered upon the estate gates as they opened recognizing his cars key code. He drove into the grounds before he descended down into the dim garage below the grounds. He pulled into the spot that was located beside his bike and put the car into park. He hated driving back and forth between Illyria and Helios...for some reason he always felt exhausted but much more at home here at the estates than he did back in Illyria. The demon prince shifted his body from the vehicles driver seat brushing off his leather coat before a smell hit him and her plea entered his mind along with things that made his stomach crawl. "Alexandria..." he gasped as his onyx eyes widened at the rich smell of her blood that seemed to circle around his body in a seductive manner.
Monster, how should I feel? Turn the sheets down. Murder ears with pillow lace
He found himself dashing up the steps toward her room. The smell getting stronger and more pungent with every step he took causing him to move faster. Once he reached her door from the staircase he paused as he listened. He could hear sobs and shuffling before a sickening thud echoed into his ears causing his onyx eyes to widen once more as he, without thinking, flung open the door to a site that would forever be etched into his memory. The curtains that once fluttered in her room were shredded and her beautiful full length gothic mirror was shattered to pieces. His eyes followed the scent and sight of the blood trail that led from a pile of glass of the floor to a heap that caused his heart to freeze on the spot. She lay in a fresh pool of blood in the middle of the usually well kept room that was currently trashed...glass scattered everyday dipped in that sweet crimson liquid, her bed a scuffled mess and strips of cloth strewn over the floor. She was naked with cuts and bruises all over her silk skinned frame and the wings on her back looked as if someone had taken nails and raked them down those beautiful designs. Her beautiful hair was knotted and caked with dried blood from her scalp and stuck to part of her back. 
Kiru quickly ran to her side reaching down and lifting her bloody form into his arms, "Latheal...wake up" he said as he used the name most familiar to him. When she didn't respond his tone became more forceful,"...Alexandria, answer me!" he stated as he patted her cheek. He almost let out a growl of frustration before her sapphire colored eyes opened, their usual calm and confident tint had been replaced by a dull fear filled look as she focused her vision on his face,"K-Kiru?" she questioned hesitantly as she slowly rose her arm, that held the symbol of her unity with Seraphine on it, to touch his face. The dark haired prince nodded taking her hand, “Come on...we need to get you fixed up...”he stated as he tried to move her. She flinched and whimpered in his arms when his hand ran across a deep gash along her lower back. "I'm sorry this happened, Alexandria...I should not have left” he said as he frowned a bit before shifting her weight into his arms and carried her into the bathroom setting her easily and carefully down on the edge of the marble coated bathtub and waved a hand turning the water on and observed his partner. She was sitting with her legs tightly closed and her arms around her body as the blood seemed to either plop onto her legs or slide down her arms. He reached out taking her wrist and bringing it to his lips watching her flinch when he touched his lips to the gash and lapped his tongue across the surface allowing the injury to heal as he looked up at her seeing the tears present he wiped them away.
There's bathtubs, Full of glow flies bathe in kerosene their words tattooed in his veins
"I promise to protect you from now on..."

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