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04 October 2010 @ 04:33 pm
The End of Stillness  

Title: The End of Stillness
Author: heresyaddict 
Chara: RukixAoi (TakanorixYuu)
Warning: suicide and character death. Mention of yaoi and some smut.
"will you ever forgive me?"

The raven haired beauty chuckled as soft blonde strands brushed against his nose. His eyes drifted downwards to the small blonde haired make that lay across his chest." Takanori, you shouldn't he awake." he said as the smirked crossed his face. The one called takanori offered one of his infamous giggle that would make any man or womans heart melt.

Takanori lifted his eyes up to meet the one whose arms he rested in," but I can't sleep when you're right here, yuuchan." the younger protested with a simple full lip pout.

The one titled Yuu rolled his glossy black pooled eyes at the younger that layed sprawled across his chest. Takanori giggled a bit more and placed a simple but loving kiss on the olders chest. Yuu sighed a bit," I swear Takanori if I didn't run off every guy possible I wouldn't have you.. But I'm glad I do." he said as the younger beamed up at him with the very same loving expression in his eyes that her would give anything to keep forever.

The image faded as dark eyes filled with sleep shifted open to the sound of an empty apartment building. A frown crossed the mans face as he propped himself up on his elbows allowing the silk sheets to shift off of his chest and pool slightly in his lap. A small huff came from the small ball of fluff curled up at the end of his bed before the animal shifted at the movement her master was making," yuu.. I miss you.. Terribly..I feel so alone.." he whimpered as he clutched the soft pillow to him that he had come to possess from the side of bed that seemed so empty without its occupant. His mind wandered to where the older lay at rest in a cemetary not to far from his apartment complex.

He sighed as he drug his fingers lightly through the furr of the small animal that lay at the end of his bed. The dog nudged against her masters hand sensing the sadness that was bottled up deep inside with the death of the one they loved. She let out a small wimper towards the man who offered a half smile that was more sad than happy," hai hai I know... It's been two months and I still hope for him to walk through the door with that goofy grin and exclaim 'haha just kidding, takachan, forgive me ne?' and I would drag him into my arms and kiss him and never let.. Never le..et.." he choked on his words as the tears formed before silently plopping onto the dark colored fabric below him.

The hours of the cool sunny morning went by in a flash before Matsumoto Takanori, the vocalist of the GazettE, found himself standing before an elegant tomb stone that almost rivaled the memory of his lost loves beauty. His eyes skimmed over words etched into the surface of the stone: 'Shiroyama, Yuu A loyal friend and companion. Taken from this world in April of 2010'. The vocalist frowned some more at the memories that flooded his mind at those words. He gently let the flowers he had brough fall from his hand as the words on the greyish stone tore at the mans heart before he found himself on his knees once more, the same way he had found himself two months before hand on the day that his loved one had vanished from his arms.. The day he realized he would never again see that wonderful smile that he had come to love and cherish.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder... I'll join you soon yuuchan " the younger sniffled as rain droplets began to drip down as if the sky was mimicing the vocalists pain.

( AN: hiiii =D I know the prolouge wasn't very long but it's a start ;D hope you enjoy and sorry for the sappy theme xD that seems to be the ONLY thing i can bring myself to write....<<;;;)


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